On the Polish market we operate as an authorized distributor and service for hyperthermia equipment of American company Pyrexar Medical Corporation, based in Salt Lake City, which owns the well-known brand BSD, and two leading German manufacturers: Celsius TCS - equipment for local hyperthermia since 2009 and Von Ardenne IRATHERM 1000 - whole-body hyperthermia device.

Staff training

Handling with equipment for hyperthermia is simple and intuitive, but previously requires a thorough explanation. Medical personnel designated to operate the equipment, pass practical and theoretical training, which will maximize the possibility of hyperthermia and minimize the risk of error.


Since 2009 we are an authorized service for equipment to local hyperthermia Celsius TCS brand and since April 2016 also BSD Medical equipment. This equipment is already used by many institutions in Poland, including seven large public hospitals and four private clinics.