Loco-regional capacitive hyperthermia

Electro-hyperthermia, which is applied externally by physical means, increases the temperature of tumours, among other effects, and is thus the perfect complement to chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

In this method of treatment the patient constitutes the dielectric material between the two active application electrodes. He/she is the capacitor (capacitance) between the application electrodes and is thus part of a resonant oscillation circuit. Currents (heat) are produced through capacitive thermodynamic effects in the tissue. Thanks to this positioning and adjustable application of energy, the treatment can be tailored to the patient, tumour entity and location of the tumour.

The Celsius TCS hyperthermia system has 5 therapy electrodes of varying sizes which, with a maximum output of up to 500 watts, guarantee high and homogeneous hyperthermia on the tumour tissue. Thanks to the different electrode sizes, heat can be applied to the tumour in a targeted and controlled manner, as shown at the picture below.