Deep regional hyperthermia



What is deep regional hyperthermia?

The BSD-2000 provides deep regional therapeutic hyperthermia to solid tumors by applying radiofrequency (RF) energy at the frequency range of 75 to 120 MHz. The BSD-2000 delivers energy to a patient using a power source and an array of multiple antennae that surround the patient’s body. The BSD-2000 was designed to provide an optimized heating zone targeted to the tumor region by utilizing the adjustment of frequency, phase, and amplitude from multiple power sources. The energy can be focused electronically to the tumor region, thus providing dynamic control of the heating delivered to the tumor region.

BSD-2000 line

Devices line BSD-2000 is designed for deep regional hyperthermia treatments. In addition to the most popular BSD-2000, equipped with 12 RF antennas placed in the ring with the bolus water (one of these devices is in operation in Białostockie Centrum Onkologii),  in the offer is also a BSD-2000 3D, which has as many as 24 antennas and software for planning treatment in 3 dimensions, and the BSD-2000 MR, which version is designed to work with the magnetic resonance imaging. Using this hybrid system, the physician obtains detailed, three-dimensional information about temperature and perfusion during the hyperthermia treatment in near real-time. The temperature and spatial resolution provided by hybrid system enables a thermal dose to be calculated for the whole tumor volume.  BSD-2000 MR is currently installed at the Erasmus Medical Center Institute in Rotterdam and collaborates with 1.5T MRI system.

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