Loco-regional hyperthermia

Celsius TCS

Celsius TCS

Today it is clear: loco-regional hyperthermia supports and complements traditional oncological and biological treatment methods. When used in conjunction with and shortly before chemotherapy or radiotherapy, it makes the tumour more sensitive and receptive to this treatment methods. Loco-regional hyperthermia treatment can be applied to all solid tumours as well as to local relapses and metastases. Celsius 42 has set itself the objective of providing doctors and clinicians with a hyperthermia system that reflects the latest state of development, meets all the requirments of medical technology, and fulfils the wishes of the treatment provider from both a medical and economical perspective.

The Celsius TCS system already uses the modern two-electrode system, i.e. it is equipped with two active electrodes, and therefore stands out from other and older systems. This technical innovation ensures that the tumour is subject to homogeneous temperature development. Thanks to the different electrode sizes of the Celsius TCS, heat can be applied to the tumour in a targeted and controlled manner. Even tumours located deeper in the body can be treated. The Celsius TCS system uses electromagnetic waves of 13.56 MHz (radio waves) to transfer energy based on the principle of capacitive coupling. The body tissue located between the two electrodes represents the dielectric here, so to speak, andis heated accordingly. Depending on the region and power, significant temperature gradients can be achieved using this method. Thanks to the positioning of the electrodes and the freely selectable energy input, the treatment can be tailored to the patient, tumour entity and location of the tumour.

The Celsius TCS hyperthermia system has been designed for optimum operation in everyday practice. The treatment of tumours in various parts of the body is easily achieved with the help of easily moveable electrodes on the aplication arm on the couch surface. The powerful cooling system allows the heat produced on the surface of the skin to be better dissipated. This allows the effectiveness on deep tissue to be improved at higher power without risking the skin overheating. The flexibility of the water bolus in the electrodes creates harmonisation with the body's anatomy. The Celsius TCS system tolerates movements by the patinet that occur during treatment.

Performance of the contract lasts normally six weeks. Installation, commissioning and initial training of medical personnel is done in one day. The system is covered by a two-year manufacturer's warranty.   Logo Celsius42

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