Whole body hyperthermia

IRATHERM®1000 - Von Ardenne Institute

IRATHERM®1000 - Von Ardenne Institute

Von Ardenne has, for forty years, been undertaking research, development and application of systems for warming up the whole body; and has become established as the world leader in whole body hyperthermia using water-filtered infrared-A radiation (wIRA). IRATHERM®1000 reproduces the equivalent part of infrared sun radiation, which can be used to warm up the body in an open design of equipment. Mild and moderate whole body hyperthermia, to which the skin has a high tolerance, is able to increase the micro-circulation; speed up the metabolism; reduce muscle spasms; and activate the immune system in a similar way to natural fever. By encouraging healing, a wide spectrum of treatment indications is available, from prophylactic medicine to the treatment of chronic illness and malignant processes.

Compared to similar equipment manufacturers, IRATHERM®1000 characterized the shortest time needed to achieve the target temperature, and greater comfort for the patient, which is placed without clothing on the grid and shrouded with a thermal foil. The film can be optionally maintain by IRADom frame, so that, for several hours during a cancer therapy session, the patient has an increased freedom of movement during the procedure.

IRATHERM®1000 is supplied as standard with controling and measuring system called IRACom® and appropriate software.

It is powered with three-phase 400V AC power supply and cooled by running water (requires a simple connection to the water supply). The room of approx. 12m2 is totally enough to install the system.

Performance of the contract lasts normally five weeks. Installation, commissioning and initial training of medical personnel is done in one day. The system is covered by a two-year manufacturer's warranty.

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Why water-filtered infrared-A radiation?

For the generation of skin-tolerable, deep-acting heat radiation!

The spectral transmission of skin at a long wave visual light of about 600 nm wavelength and passes the whole infrared-A until its upper long wave limit of about 1400 nm wavelength. In contrast to that, the skin is nearly impenetrable to heat radiation from the spectral regions of infrared-B and infrared-C. Therefore one can speak of "deep-acting heat" in the case of infrared-A heat radiation, whereas with infrared-B and infrared-C radiation we speak only of "surface heat".

Red light lamps or halogen lamps are well-known and powerful heat radiators. The latter mostly operates on higher power. The following presentation of spectral distribution of a halogen lamp shows that its heat radiation contains 40% of the unwanted, skin-straining infrared-B and infrared-C radiation.

Water is the appropriate choice of filter to eliminate infrared-B and infrared-C radiation because water, similar to skin, has a selective transimission of infrared radiation. This property results from the fact that the skin of an adult consists to 75% of water. Just like skin, water is a good transmitter of infrared-A radiation. While infrared-B and infrared-C are nearly completely absorbed, only small absorption bands (near 950 nm and 1150 nm) are given in the spectral region of infrared-A.

By placing a water filter in front of a halogen lamp, the result is a heat radiation, with a spectral distribution nearly equal to the spectral transmission of the skin.

Water-filtered infrared-A radiation, as generated by special IRATHERM®-radiators, is a type of heat radiation ideally suited to human skin. Using water-filtered infrared-A radiation the IRATHERM® allows a much higher irradiation level than that of commercial infrared or halogen lamps at same skin tolerance.

Water-filtered infrared-A is heat radiation similar to natural sun radiation because natural sun radiation is formed with the help of the humid atmosphere of the earth. Over thousands of years, our biggest organ, the skin, has adapted itself very well to water-filtered heat radiation.