On the Polish market we operate as an authorized distributor and service for hyperthermia equipment of American company Pyrexar Medical Corporation, based in Salt Lake City, which owns the well-known brand BSD, and two leading German manufacturers: Celsius TCS - equipment for local hyperthermia since 2009 and Von Ardenne IRATHERM 1000 - whole-body hyperthermia device. We are precursor of this method in Poland. We purchased equipment for hyperthermia as a first in country and have provided to the Polish patients as therapy which increasing the effectiveness of chemo - and radiotherapy as well as a support for the immune system of the body. Thanks to our efforts hyperthermia is used for more than ten centers in Poland.

As a distributor we would like to present for Polish doctors oncologists and above all cancer patients, the benefits that brings a combination of traditional cancer treatment with hyperthermia. As a distributor of medical equipment for hyperthermia strive to promote knowledge about this method in wide social circles. We participate in symposia and conferences, and work with hyperthermia companies in Europe.

Since 2010, we are also private oncological medical facility offering our patients the cancer treatment. For more information visit NatolMedic.