Staff training

Handling with equipment for hyperthermia is simple and intuitive, but previously requires a thorough explanation. Medical personnel designated to operate the equipment, pass practical and theoretical training, which will maximize the possibility of hyperthermia and minimize the risk of error.

The division on the theories and practice

  1. Technical aspects of the operating system
  2. The theory of treatment of a patient
  3. Safety rules
  4. Start up of equipment
  5. Performing treatment on a patient
  6. The most common mistakes

A detailed training program

  1. Discussion of the basic stages of the session of the local hyperthermia or whole body hiperthermia
  2. Technical aspects of the operating system
    1. Bed and arm
      • The process of arming / disarming
      • Replacing the electrodes
      • Configuring the tiles on the mattress
      • Proper adjustment of the upper electrode arm
      • Reading the reports on beds display
      • Emergency situations
      • Taking care of bed (disinfection, upkeep, etc.)
    2. The control panel with a computer and screens
      • The process of arming / disarming
      • Patient data management
      • Setting the parameters of the session
      • Other features of the software (saving data, printouts, etc.).
      • Emergency situations
  3. Patient treatment
    1. General comments on the approach to the patient depending on his state of health, age and other personal characteristics
    2. Preparation of the patient to enter the bed
    3. Checking outfit and body, provide basic explanations concerning running treatment, etc.
    4. Rules for the use of water pillows
    5. Control of treatment
    6. Emergency situations
    7. End of treatment
  4. Watching a live treatment performed on the patient
  5. The most common mistakes
The participants receive certificates.